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Grant Opportunity for EHPS Staff

2023-2024 Call for proposals:

The EHAAEF is proud to open applications for the Staff Grant Program. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and community sponsors, the EHAAEF is able to provide grants to fund new programs and projects within the East Hartford Public School system that would not be financed by Board of Education resources. The EHAAEF accepts grant applications from any staff member within the East Hartford Public School system. In order to ensure the best use of funds, proposals should: (1) have clear goals and measurable outcomes; (2) be unique and academically sound; (3) have a reasonable and itemized budget; (4) promote collaboration between school, home, and community; and (5) have a broad and far-reaching impact, in both number of students served and longevity within the district.

Funding level: Requests up to $1,000

Application deadline: October 15, 2023

The EHAAEF will accept applications for projects with a total project budget that exceeds $1,000, so long as the remainder of the budget is secured through other sources.

Project examples: Though not limited to this list, ideas for programs that may be submitted for consideration include:

  • Curriculum resources not currently provided by the Board of Education

  • Technological resources that enhance curriculum and/or instruction

  • Multi-cultural programs

  • Workshops/training for staff members in order to implement new programs


Excluded expenses: The EHAAEF grants do not support the following types of expenditures:

  • Travel

  • Salaries

  • Consumable materials (i.e. food, paper goods)

  • Office supplies

  • Items to be given to participants as keepsakes or prizes

  • Hardware, such as computers or tablets


If working on a project with a colleague, please apply together for one grant.

This is a two-step submission process:

1. Submit your application by clicking the APPLY HERE button below. A PDF of the application questions can be found here.

2. Email your signed cover page to 

Download the cover page by clicking the COVER PAGE button below.

The East Hartford Alumni Association and Education Foundation (EHAAEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which seeks to promote excellence, innovation, and creativity in education for our students through networking, mentoring, and fundraising.  EHAAEF also provides funds to support projects for the East Hartford Public Schools so as to enhance the learning experience and encourage academic excellence for students and educators at all levels of grades.

Grant Opportunity for EHPS Staff

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