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Grant Opportunities for EHPS Staff

Each year, the East Hartford Alumni Association and Education Foundation provides grants to staff of the East Hartford Public School System to fund new programs and projects that would not be financed by Board of Education resources. The EHAAEF accepts grant applications from any staff member within the East Hartford Public School system. In order to ensure the best use of funds, proposals should: (1) have clear goals and measurable outcomes; (2) be unique and academically sound; (3) have a reasonable and itemized budget; (4) promote collaboration between school, home, and community; and (5) have a broad and far-reaching impact, in both number of students served and longevity within the district.

A full listing of grant recipients is available below.

The deadline for the 2023-2024 school year has passed. Check back in August 2024 for information about the 2024-2025 opportunity.

2023-2024 Grant Recipients

Evan Bellman

Expand the DJ/Sound Class Learning Opportunities with Professional Lighting Systems

Create opportunity for students to learn how to set up and run professional lighting systems.

Brendan Boyd

Digital Drawing Graphic Tablet

Support students to develop drawing, design, and computer skills in world history class in Greek mythology and medieval Europe curriculum through the use of digital drawing graphic tablets. 

Monique Butler, Catherine Horter, Stephanie Hendrickson
Norris Elementary

3rd Grade Transforms a Beautiful Moment

Expand students’ learning about environmental changes and life cycles through a field trip to Magic Wings, an indoor butterfly conservatory.

Amber Dickey

The Gift of Time for XC Runners

Strengthen cross-country runners ability to pace themselves and compete with more affluent school districts through use of Garmin running watches.

Katie Farber
Pitkin & Langford Elementary

Music is Therapy

Support students in exceptionalities and autism programs through specialized music therapy to strengthen communication and socially appropriate interactions.

Christian Siegel

Streaming EHHS

Promote access to East Hartford High School events for families through a stronger streaming component on the school’s YouTube channel.

Elizabeth Trojanowski
Sunset Ridge Middle

Cardboard Creations with Motorized Functions

Establish a foundation and general understanding of robotics for students through creation of new devices or 3D models with simple, motorized functions.

2022-2023 Grant Recipients

Christian Siegel

Lighting the News of EHHS 

Promote learning of video production, filming, and editing through the creation of a regularly filmed news show featuring all things East Hartford High School.

Raymond Frost & Michael Vaughan

Introducing Electronics to Automotive and Robotics

Teach automotive and robotics students electrical theory and how to build electrical currents, promoting hands-on skills essential to careers in these fields.

Amanda Cooper
Sunset Ridge Middle

A Beluga’s Journey

Support students to simulate of a beluga whale transfer, applying   scientific principles to design, construct, and test a device the minimizes thermal energy transfer

Janice May, Thomas Pinnex & David Davies

University of Hartford Field Trip

Encourage art students to explore higher levels of art production through workshops and campus visits to the University of Hartford.

Dan O'Brien

Global & Creative Music Concert Series

Create community performing opportunities for students in the Global and Creative Music programs at East Hartford Middle School and East Hartford High School alongside professional musicians at a concert series put on in partnership with East Hartford Public Library.

Meghan Christopher
O'Brien Elementary

Putting for Personal Growth

Promote self-management, patience, self-confidence, and resilience through a “build your own mini golf” unit.

Christine Mariano
Woodland School

Building a High School Library

Develop the foundations of a high school library that meets the reading level range of all students and represents the multicultural population of the school.

Renee Edge

Mindful Movement

Support the creation of a mindful movement room with sensory seating and tools to allow for engaging movement breaks, mindful breathing, and sensory stimulation.

Kristine Emond

Library Book Club

Bring together students from all grade levels and reading levels to read and discuss a nonfiction graphic novel to support peer learning of others’ views, opinions, and personal experiences about the book’s themes.

2021-2022 Grant Recipients

Michael Craig

Respecting diversity and SEL in the classroom 

Create a physical education unit titled “Games Around the World to build cultural acceptance and multicultural awareness while celebrating differences in the class and community.

Meghan Christopher
O'Brien Elementary

Scooters for Justice

Promote justice in the gymnasium using scooters to eliminate the gap between students of differing abilities, giving them a more even playing field to access physical activity.

Janice May

Bringing back sewing

Renew the high school’s after school sewing club to teach the important life skill of sewing and incorporate problem solving, math, and creativity.

Raymond Frost

One More Step Toward Program Certification

Teach automotive students to properly research repair data using Mitchell1, a program used in the industry, to increase students’ marketability in the automotive field.

Maritza Soto-Gomez & Kristen Wilder
Pitkin Elementary

Mindful Fusion Program

Promote mindfulness among students through music using a variety of new musical instruments that echo sounds of nature. 

2020-2021 Grant Recipients

Christine Sposito

Implementing functional digital programs to increase engagement during remote learning

Digital curriculum to build the vocational, independent living, functional academic, and functional communication skills of students with significant special needs, even when learning from home.​

Monique Butler &
Kelley Hunter-Morales

Norris Elementary

Coping through a pandemic - making numbers make sense

Provide access to math manipulatives to increase math concepts, skills, and visual representation for all 4th grade students, regardless of if they are in-person learners or remote learners.

Sara Smith
O'Connell Elementary

Diverse books for all students and teachers​

Provide developmentally appropriate books for all classrooms to build capacity of staff to thoughtfully and intentionally address diversity and inclusion in discussion with their students.

Harmony Lovell
O'Connell Elementary

Using literature to engage students and teachers in discussions about race​

Provide books featuring racially diverse characters to promote student learning that addresses broader topics around race and allows for opportunities for analysis and action.

Brenda Gooley

Capable independence life skills curriculum - live and remote learners

Address functional academic skills and improve targeted life/self-help skills for special needs learners through a digital curriculum.

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