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The mission of the East Hartford Alumni Association and Education Foundation is to promote excellence, innovation, and creativity in education for East Hartford Public Schools students through networking, mentoring, and fundraising.

Our Pillars

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Leveraging an alumni network to mentor current EHPS students


Making meaningful alumni-to-alumni connections to grow the East Hartford community


Raising funds and telling the stories of what it means to be EHPS alumni

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“The East Hartford Alumni Association and Education Foundation is a volunteer organization committed to working with the Board of Education, residents, alumni, community groups and the business community to identify opportunities to enhance the educational experiences of East Hartford students. We are dedicated to opening opportunities to students of the East Hartford Public School system that might not otherwise be available.”

Brittney Cavaliere, Chair of the Board of Directors

Make a Contribution

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Scholarships for secondary education available to graduating students of the EHPS.

Staff Grants

Grants available to EHPS staff to support innovative programs for students.


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