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"For The Team" Scholarship Donation

"For The Team" Scholarship Donation

The donations for this scholarship go to fund the following scholarship, in honor of Coach Konopka: 


The ‘For the Team’ scholarship is funded primarily by East Hartford Wrestling Team alumni, their friends and family. This $2,500 scholarship is offered to a graduating senior who is a student athlete and pursuing continued education with a focused interest in public services (e.g., education, law enforcement, healthcare, social services, military, environmental protection, etc.). Continued education can take various forms and can be at a 2- or 4-year college or university or a trade school.  The recipient of the scholarship would serve as a role model for younger students through activies planned by the respective organizations. The priority of the scholarship is towards members of the EHHS wrestling team or towards student-athletes at the varsity level. Applicants must be East Hartford residents. There is no minimum GPA for this scholarship.


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